7 Carpet Cleaning Myths Busted

Carpet cleaning is a daily routine for most of the homeowners. But some of them get stuck in some myths that may typically turn wrong in the long run. Here are some myths that we are going to discuss so that the homeowners and the DIY cleaners may overcome the wrong info in which they are trapped:

Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning Service

These are The Myths You Must Know About Carpet Cleaning

  • Myth: Regular Cleaning May Cause the Carpets to Get Dirty Faster.

    Reality:  This is not true as regular cleaning protects the carpets from soiling and they remain clean and tidy for a longer period of time. 
  • Myth: Too Much Vacuuming May Spoil The Carpet Fibres.

    Reality: If your carpet is not of good quality or the vacuum used is aggressive, the above may stand true. However, modern day carpets are designed to hold lots of vacuuming. Cheap carpet cleaning recommends to vacuum the carpets at-least once a week.
  • Myth: Steam Cleaning May Damage the Carpet

    Reality: If the carpets are not dried properly after steam cleaning, this myth may stand true. However, this is the best method for carpet cleaning as recommended by Zenith Cleaning Services.
  • Myth: All Process for Carpet Cleaning are Same.

    Reality: Absolutely wrong, there are many methods of carpet cleaning that are used as per the stain requirement, age and sensitivity of the carpets. Professional’s carpet cleaning service test the carpets for the particular method before starting with their treatment process.
  • Myth: New Carpets Do Not Require Any Cleaning.

    Reality: False …most of us believe that carpets do not require any cleaning until any dirt is visible on it. Proper routine cleaning even on the new ones can rub the carpet fibres from deep within and may damage the carpets internally including the backing. Best Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne get the new carpets cleaned by sensitive methods designed by their experts.
  • Myth: Carpet Deodorants Can Keep The Carpets Fresh and Clean Also.

    Reality: Professional carpet cleaning  advice to use the deodorants only to cut down the nasty odours trapped within the carpet fibres, however, to keep dust and soiling away from the carpet, regular cleaning is necessary.
  • Myth: Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Ruin The Carpets.

    Reality: this is also a wrong interpretation, professionals of local carpet cleaning services are well trained and adopt best strategies to clean the carpets. Professional carpet cleaning maintains the new look of your carpets and prevents them from getting replaced in the long run.

So, overcome the misconceptions of Carpet Steam Cleaning and give your carpets fresh and clean look that they deserve.

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