How to dry clean upholstery?

How to Dry Clean Upholstery?

How to Dry Clean Upholstery?

Upholstery cleaning is not an easy work if it was we don’t stop ourselves or our pets to eat or roll around the sofa. Cleaning upholstery is relatively different from washing clothes, you can not just wash the upholstery in the washing machine, don’t even think about it. This misery of upholstery is the problem for some people who keep thing clean around them. Upholstery items like sofas and couches are made up of many types of fabrics. Even a small mistake can cause discolouration in the fabric and damage its beauty. For some people, this would be enough reason to replace the couch.

However, the upholstery cleaning facts and tips are not a rocket science, it can be done by using some simple methods. All you have to do is just some preparations before the couch cleaning. The work requires time and effort, so prepare yourself.

Find out the fabric material.

Not all but almost every upholstery fabric has tags, which contains a unique cleaning code. Every code has a specific meaning, which will tell you the washing instruction.

Code Washing Method

W Safe for washing in water only.

S Safe for washing with dry cleaning solvents.

W/S Safe for water washing & dry cleaning solvents.

X Must be cleaned by a professional upholstery cleaner.

These washing instruction can be found somewhere in the couch, find it and wash the upholstery accordingly.

Use a vacuum cleaner.

Before cleaning any type of upholstery, vacuum it first. Use a brush while vacuuming as it’ll suck out all the dust and lint which has been stuck in the fabric. Using a high power vacuum cleaner is recommended as it’ll remove all the dust and grime from the couch and prepare it for next session of cleaning.

How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner

How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Time for spot test.

When you are done with vacuuming the upholstery, it’s time to do a spot test. Just apply the small amount of cleaner or whatever solution you’re going to use to clean the upholstery. If the solution causes any discolouration or damage on fabric, do not use it and try reaching out to professional upholstery cleaner, they have the variety of suitable cleaning solution for every type of upholstery item.

Clean stains separately.

When you’re sure the upholstery is safe for the solvent cleaning, clean stains if there is any. Use a micro fibre cloth and blot the stain using the solvent. You can also use a soft bristle brush to gently rub the stain and make it clean. When you apply the solvent leave it for few minutes so that it can sit into the fabric and stain become easy to remove.

After this wipe all the remaining dirt from the cloth using solvent, use a small amount of the solvent for wiping. After this expose the upholstery in the fresh air and let it dry naturally.

It’s always better to treat your upholstery by professionals as professional upholstery cleaners are well-versed with the work and do the cleaning work on the same day. Zenith Cleaning Service is one of the best professional upholstery cleaners in Brisbane. We use the latest tool and equipment to treat upholstery and make our clients satisfied.