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Mattress cleaning is no more a big deal with Zenith Cleaning Services, a locally owned and operated company in Ipswich. We have been successfully working within the industry for many years. If you are searching for affordable, reliable mattress cleaning services in Ipswich, then look no other than Zenith Cleaning Services. We are dedicated to offering you the best services that are sure to cater to your individual needs.

To get a healthier bedding, look no forward than Zenith Cleaning Services!

Mattress Cleaning Service

Mattress Cleaning Service

Zenith Cleaning Services, Mattress Cleaning Ipswich provides high quality and professional mattress cleaning services with modern equipment across Ipswich.


Zenith Cleaning Services’ cleaning process uses a unique method engineered as well as developed for the purpose of sanitizing and sterilizing mattresses. We use only natural, chemical free treatment, which effectively destroys and removes fungal spores, dust mites, bacteria, and a number of other harmful debris stuck in a mattress.

Affordable Mattress Cleaning Services

Affordable Mattress Cleaning Services

People hiring our mattress cleaning services in Ipswich can easily discover remarkable results at affordable prices. Our process includes Inspection, Vacuum, Pre spray, Agitation, Rinsing, and Drying.

  • Inspection: It is the very first and significant step in the cleaning of a mattress. Our certified technician thoroughly inspects the bedding for things like heavily soiled areas, spots and stains, as well as tears, rips, or other kinds of inconsistencies.
  • Vacuum: The next step includes dry vacuum that is extremely useful in removing dust parts, and heavy dust from the mattress. If soil remains in the fabric throughout the wet phase of the cleaning, it can coagulate, thereby, making the cleaning more difficult.
  • Pre Spray: It is the first product used in the process. It is a cleaner, and we use a mild pre spray solution that is specifically designed for fine fabrics. We use highly developed equipment that breaks down the deep seated soil, and expedites the whole process. Hot water together with a good cleaning solution makes the procedure more efficient.
  • Agitation: In order to agitate the solution deep inside the fabric, experts use a brush. Thoroughly brushing ensures accurate application of the solution to each and every corner of the mattress.
  • Rinsing: After applying pre spray solution, the mattress is left untouched for some time, which is called the dwell time. A gentle rinse solution with hot water helps remove all the dirt, soil, grime, and other harmful substances from the bedding.

Hygienic Mattress Cleaning

  • Drying: Drying is the final step followed by all the mattress cleaning service providers in Ipswich. We make use of advanced machines and tools that help dry a bedding easily. With these tools, it can be dried within 4 to 6 hours; otherwise, it might take approximately 8 to 12 hours to dry completely.


Zenith Cleaning Services specializes in mattress cleaning that assists people get rid of dust mites, bed bugs, etc. With our services, you will be benefited in a number of ways.

A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Eliminates Odours and Removes Stains: A professionally cleaned mattress is extremely useful in eliminating odours, as well as removing stains. Individuals spend one third of their day in bed, which might leave unpleasant stains on the bedding. Our unparalleled services treat tough stains, and you are left with a fresh, clean mattress.
  • Removal of Bed Bugs, Dust Mites, and Allergy: The primary habitat of dust mites is your bedding. Its faeces and skin contribute to the household dust that commonly sets off asthma attacks, along with causing serious health issues in the future. We help you promote healthy indoor air quality through our top notch mattress cleaning in Ipswich. Additionally, we assist you eliminate bed bugs infestations.


Professional Mattress Cleaning

Professional Mattress Cleaning

Zenith Cleaning Services offers same day cleaning services to keep your bedding clean, as well as healthy through the most advanced equipment and techniques. You should consider hiring us, because of the following reasons:

  • Top notch services: We believe that one of the things that can make a huge difference is the unique and superior level of service our company can provide. You will not find the same level of service with utmost perfection, anywhere. Our clients’ 100% satisfaction is our top most priority.
  • Professionalism: Zenith Cleaning Services prides itself on offering professional and superior quality services. Before handing over the mattresses to you, we ensure that they are clean, fresh, and in their best condition.
  • Environmentally Safe And Children Friendly Products: Zenith Cleaning Services uses only “Green” products for mattress cleaning in Ipswich. You can alleviate your mind knowing that our professionals don’t use chemicals and products, which are harmful to the environment, especially the environment of your home. Our non-toxic solutions are safe for your children and even the most vulnerable pets.
Zenith Cleaning Services also specialise in steam cleaning a mattress, stain removal, pillow top mattress cleaning, dust mite removal, mattress anti allergen cleaning, and more.
For a free quotation, contact us at 0488 852 736.

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