Things You Need To Know About Flea Bites

Fleas are very small insects they are about a quarter of an inch in length. Fleas don’t have any wings, but they have long flexible legs, which helps them in jumping very quickly. Their body is suitable for hiding, they can easily hide inside the carpet fabric, also they breed very fast and their population increases rapidly. Both humans and other animals are susceptible to flea bites, the bite is really itchy and painful, the bite is also dangerous because they carry diseases such as the plague.

If you have a pet, the chances of a flea infestation are quite high, the problem is not only for you and your pet, but if the flea treatment is not done on time, it’ll become a nuisance. Fleas multiply very quickly, therefore a proper Pest Control Pelverata plan must be taken into consideration to completely stop the flea infestation.

Flea-Pest Control
Flea-Pest Control

This article will cover all the things which are necessary for your knowledge of the fleas. Stick with us to know more about the fleas.

Facts About The Fleas.

  • Fleas don’t target humans on purpose, they feed on animals but they do bites humans. Terminating flea infestation is a very difficult job, they are very stubborn pests, fleas can live up to 100 days without feeding themselves. For termination, a proper flea pest control plan must be followed to completely stop the flea infestation.
  • While flea bite can trigger minor allergic reactions, the bite doesn’t cause any serious health problems in humans.
  • A flea bite is small, red and a swollen bump will appear on the skin in a group of two to three swollen bumps. These bites are very itchy and cause distress.
  • If the shape of bite looks like a large blister, then it’s not a flea bite. Bed bug bite looks like a red swollen blister.

For flea infestation prevention, regularly clean the house and thoroughly clean the carpet, mattress and furniture. This will reduce the risk of flea infestation and give you good result in flea control.

Recognize Flea Bites.

In most cases, flea bites will appear on humans feet, ankles or legs. If the flea is in groups then the bites will appear on all over the body.

  • The flea bite looks small in size, red in colour with a centre red spot.
  • The bite will appear in a group, with three to four red spot.
  • Fleabites usually form a small scab surrounded by a light red halo.

Humans are not the primary target of the fleas, the human body doesn’t have dense hair which makes the condition unfavourable for fleas.

Professional Pest Control
Professional Pest Control

Whom To Trust For Flea Treatment In The Home?

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