What are the Common Causes of Carpet Water Damage?

As we all the importance f carpets in our homes and offices. They add beauty and provide us with firm ground and helps us feel comfortable. Carpet naturally are prone to a lot of damage. Dirt mud and stains are very common problems we face regularly. But carpet water damage is the most dangerous as it can directly affect the health of the carpet and can cause harm to us and our family member. Water and moisture provide a breeding ground for algae, mould and germs thus carpet water damage should always be taken seriously and carpet water extraction and wet carpet cleaning should be carried out in case of flooding. There may be different causes of carpet water damage but given below are the most common causes of carpet water damage

Carpet Water Damage

Carpet Water Damage

These are the Causes of Carpet Water Damage

  • Rainfall and Snowfall

    Rainwater is the main cause of flooding and leakages of water into our interiors. Rainwater can steep into our carpets through roofs, windows or doors. Keep your ceilings and roof waterproof and seal any sign of leakage and crack. Snowfall also brings in a lot of snow and ice crystals, these crystals will further metal and accumulate into the carpets. So make sure your house, walls, floors, roofs and ceilings are waterproof and no moisture can penetrate in through.

  • Drainage And Sewage

    Drains are the common pathways for the removal of used and dirty water. Any kind of water leaves through our drainage system. Drains and sewage gutters should be checked regularly. Any blockage in the path of water will cause flooding and overflow of dirty water inside and can cause severe carpet water damage. Clogged drains are the man causes of indoor floodings and compromise the healthy environment of our homes and further prove to be devastating for our carpets.

  • Plumbing pipes

    Plumbing pipes work as a vascular system for our homes and provide the flow of water throughout. Normal passage to water is necessary to avoid any problems. So should always keep an eye on the pipes for any cracks and leakages. Any kind of crack will cause water to sprinkle all over and will cause carpet water damage. Severe blocking can also compromise the complete plumbing system and will lead to bursting of pipes and thus flooding of your home. Water soaked by carpets after flooding should be removed instantly, carpet water extraction can easily be taken care of by professional carpet cleaning services.

  • Home Appliances

    Home appliances like washing machines, dishwashers and air conditioners are the most common type of appliances that can cause carpet water damage. You should make sure that your appliances are not malfunctioning and fix them as soon as possible if you see any problem. Regular service of these appliances should be carried out for their proper function and the appliances should not be operated in your absence.

Carpet Water Extraction

Carpet Water Extraction

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